Beginners' Digital Photography

Beginners' Digital Photography


Recently bought a new camera or been given one as a present? No idea what to do aside from leave the camera on Auto and shoot? Then this course is right for you. We cover the basics of digital photography so you can move from Auto mode and start to produce creative and beautiful photography you love. This course is based between classroom and on location, and you'll leave with plenty of useful reference materials. Refreshments are on tap throughout the day.

If you want to learn how to blur the background in your images, up your game with landscape shooting and get some help with composition in your images, this is the course for you!

During the beginners' course you'll learn about:

  • Focus - an introduction to this topic, making sure your photos are tack sharp every time
  • Lenses - learn about how different lenses can give you more creativity with your photography
  • Shooting modes - we'll explain the main shooting programmes (like aperture priority) so you understand the top dial of your camera
  • F-stops - how to use aperture creatively in your images and get that elusive background blur
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